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The Dimensions of Heaven - The Book of Revelation

Week 34, 2018
Rick Joyner

Our goal in taking time to consider heaven during this study of Revelation is so that we can see with heaven’s perspective, not just an earthly one. From my experiences, the next main aspect of heaven that comes to me is how big it is. This means that to have heaven’s perspective, ours has to grow—a lot!

In Scripture, the physical universe is referred to as “a shadow” of the heavenly. So the huge expanse of the physical universe only has the substance of a shadow compared to what is casting the shadow—heaven, the spiritual realm. Everything about heaven is greater than our present abilities can conceive. For this reason, anytime we encounter any part of heaven or the spiritual realm, we will be stretched. For this reason it is a place of continual growth and learning with the greatest exhilaration. Therefore, it does not seem that boredom or loneliness is possible there.

C.S. Lewis wrote in The Great Divorce that if all of the evil thoughts and actions done on earth were wrapped up into a ball and cast into heaven, and if this ball of evil struck even a tiny bird in heaven, it would not have enough substance to even register as a thought. It is hard for me to wrap my little mind around the dimensions and wonders of the physical universe, but it is that small compared to heaven.

The earth does not even register as a speck of dust in the physical universe, but it is a main focus and interest in heaven. This is because this little speck of dust is where all of the evil and the rebellion in the creation is now found. This was so important to God that He sent His Son to become a man and do all that He did for our redemption and reconciliation to God.

It is one of the great marvels in heaven that God Himself intends to dwell on the earth among men. Just as the wonders of the natural creation could keep us perpetually fascinated for ages to come, there is no wonder in all of heaven like the love God has for the earth and for men.

It is for this reason that earth and mankind are the special interest of heaven. If we knew how big the “great cloud of witnesses”—those who watch the earth and each of us—are, we would not only sit up much straighter right now, but it would probably be hard for us to breathe. However, one glimpse of who God is would be of even greater impact. Truly, the cloud of witnesses and the heavenly beings interested in us are great, but if we see the Lord, none of these others matter much. It is the living God who we must, and get to, live our lives before, and this is far better than just a great honor.

As we proceed to the end of this age and the beginning of the next, heaven will be encroaching on the earth more and more. It will become increasingly common to see angels and great heavenly majesties, as well as the dark ones who are increasingly exposed by the light. What some are calling UFOs are actually spiritual beings that are breeching the barrier. Ezekiel’s “wheels” could certainly have been mistaken as flying saucers. As this grows, Satan will try to use this to the worship of these “aliens,” but we are not being visited from any other physical world. However, we are increasingly being visited from the spiritual realm, both the good and evil.

Because the time of evil is just about up, the manifestation may seem like it is much greater than the good that is being manifested. We need to keep in mind that all of the evil in creation has been cast down to the earth. When I hear people say things like how good angels outnumber the fallen ones by two to one, I know that they have never experienced heaven. Angels are just one form of heavenly being—messengers—and there are more types of spiritual species or beings than there are species on earth. Only one third of just one type of being fell with Satan, and all of the rest kept their domain. So the good outnumber the fallen by k-zillions to one, even if it may not seem like it on earth at this time.

In all of creation, physical and spiritual, the earth is the only place where there has been rebellion against God. All of the rest have kept their place and are in harmony with the Creator. The evil has been cornered here, and it will fight desperately to the end. Yet, keep in mind C.S. Lewis’ ball of evil and the little bird in heaven. All of the evil that there ever was or will be could not even register on the scales of heaven. The light is going to win, and all darkness will soon be gone.

For this reason, possibly the greatest honor in all of creation will be to have fought in the last and ultimate battle between good and evil. The few who stand for the King on earth will stand against all of the evil, not just on earth, but in the universe. All who have fought against the evil on earth on behalf of the King will forever be heroes in heaven, but those who fight in the last and greatest battle will be some of the greatest of all.

We are now entering the times that the prophets and righteous of the ages have desired to see, and we get to live in them. Don’t waste this greatest of all honors to fight for the King in the greatest of all battles.

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