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Thinking Generationally - The Book of Revelation

Weeky 27, 2016
Rick Joyner

Continuing our study of the Lord’s word to the church at Pergamos, the Lord acknowledged that this church dwelt at the place of “Satan’s throne.” Pergamos had a literal altar to the god Baal called “Satan’s throne.” In the 1930s, German archeologists excavated this altar and moved it to Berlin where it still resides in the Pergamon Museum. Interestingly, the Nazis came to power in Germany the same year this altar was moved to Berlin, and many Christians there do not consider this a coincidence. Understanding this altar can help us understand a major power that Satan uses.

This altar to Baal was used especially for human sacrifice. Most of these sacrifices were children. The following picture is one I took of the altar called “Satan’s throne” in the Pergamon Museum. Later that day, I walked past it and was astonished to see the steps filled with children without adults at all. I knew this was a prophetic picture of how children are still being sacrificed to the false god of Baal.

Even though some human sacrifice goes on today in cultic satanic rituals, thankfully there is not a massive altar like this one set up where such sacrifices are being done on a large scale. However, our children and youth are actually being sacrificed on a much larger scale by what we have allowed into the culture that kills them spiritually, and in many cases, naturally. We need to understand Baal worship and how it manifests in our time.

Consider this: The U.S. government has councils established by Congress and the President on just about every obscure species or subject. However, there is no U.S. government council on children. This is at a time when the most dangerous place for a child is the womb because of abortion. Those who survive to be born must run an unprecedented onslaught targeting them with drugs, sex slavery, increasing violence in schools as well as what is taught in the schools that kills them spiritually. Many who survive the day at school then face constant danger in their neighborhoods.

We can appreciate the need for saving endangered species, but when our own children are in such increasing danger, how has it been overlooked to at least have a council to discuss this? This is very revealing about where our hearts and minds really are as a people. When the Lord said that He was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He was stating that He is the God of every generation. If we are to have His mind and heart then we too must think of every generation, especially those yet to come.

One of the great hindrances to thinking generationally has been the development of some eschatology since the 1844 Advent Movement. These have had every generation thinking that they were the last before the return of the Lord. This has kept the church from planning with strategy and vision for the future, and for preparing our children for it, as we should. As we gain a historical perspective that can and should influence our eschatology—and we see the unfolding plan of God—we see where we are and what is next so that we can effectively prepare for the future. Even the last generation will benefit from this.

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